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Unique Plastic Floor Wiper
The Unique Plastic Floor Wiper is a lightweight tool crafted from durable plastic. Its multi-color options cater to diverse preferences. Designed to leave floors and kitchen tops dry, it's ideal for homes, restaurants, and industries. Versatile in application, its effectiveness and varied colors make it a practical cleaning essential for various surfaces.
Unique Metallic Floor Wiper
The Unique Metallic Floor Wiper boasts a lightweight aluminum body with zinc plating, ensuring durability. Its multi-color options suit diverse settings. Widely used for cleaning in homes, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, it efficiently leaves floors dry. Its sturdy construction makes it a favored choice across industries, providing reliability and longevity in varied applications.
Unique Kitchen Wiper
The Unique Kitchen Wiper, including Mini and Handy variations, is a versatile plastic tool designed for efficient cleaning on all kitchen surfaces. Available in vibrant multi-color options, it is perfect for homes, restaurants, and commercial kitchens. Its compact design ensures convenience while its effectiveness makes it an essential kitchen cleaning accessory.
Unique Glass Wiper
The Unique Glass Wiper, including Super Glass Wiper and Super Shiner models, is crafted from durable plastic with a telescopic rod for versatility. Primarily utilized as a window cleaner, it ensures streak-free shine on glass surfaces. Widely employed in households, offices, and commercial settings, it comes in a range of huse and sizes for diverse needs.
Unique Toilet Brush
The Unique Toilet Brush, made from durable plastic in vibrant multi-color options, is an essential tool for maintaining sanitary hygiene in bathrooms. Extensively utilized in households, hotels, restaurants, and public facilities, it effectively removes stains and debris, guaranteeing cleanliness and freshness. Its ergonomic design and variety of hues cater to diverse preferences and needs.
Unique Magic Brush/ Carpet Brush
The Unique Magic Brush/Carpet Brush, including Roto Sweeper, Wonder Sweeper, and Smart Sweeper models, is widely utilized in schools, institutes, and homes for effective cleaning. Crafted with tested quality raw materials and modern machinery, it guarantees durability and high performance. Stringent quality checks guarantee a flawless product with long service life, keeping up high standards throughout production.
Unique Heavy Duty Mop
The Unique Heavy Duty Mop, including Blue PVA, Supreme, and Magic Mop variants, features a plastic and cotton construction with a heavy-duty rod, ensuring durability and light weight. Widely utilized across industries and households for efficient floor cleaning, it comes in varied colors and styles to suit varied preferences and needs.
Unique Choke Remover
The Unique Choke Remover comes in Small, Medium, and Big variants, crafted with rubber and a metallic rod for durability. It is designed to unclog drains and remove debris efficiently. Widely utilized in households, plumbing services, and industrial settings, it provides versatile solutions for varied blockage sizes and types, available in different hues.
Cleaning Brush
Our Cleaning Brush, crafted from quality materials by skilled professionals, serves diverse cleaning needs in residential settings. Available in varied sizes and customizable, it is an essential tool for workbenches. Featuring flexible bristles, it adapts to different surfaces, guaranteeing an ideal finish. With robust design and convenient grip, it is dependable for various applications.
Unique Broom
Our Unique Broom series, comprising Multibroom, Cob Web Brush, and Silky Soft Plastic Broom, is built robustly utilizing premium materials and advanced machinery, adhering to industrial standards. Subjected to rigorous inspections, guaranteeing quality, durability, and convenience of use. Offered at cost-effective prices, with timely delivery, featuring light weight, long lifespan, and low maintenance.
Unique Spin Mop/ Bucket Mop
The Unique Spin Mop/Bucket Mop range, featuring Supreme Bucket Mop and Walk N Twist Mop, is crafted from plastic and steel, available in blue, green, pink, etc. Ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, it efficiently cleans floors with a spinning action, reducing effort and water wastage. Varieties cater to diverse preferences and needs.
Unique Cotton Mops
Unique Cotton Mops are crafted from selected high-quality cotton, known for its superior water absorption ability. Primarily utilized for floor cleaning, they efficiently soak up spills and dirt. Perfect for homes, offices, and industries, they come in classic white, providing durability and effectiveness in keeping up cleanliness across varied surfaces.

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