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Miscellaneous Items

Basically, we have got the expertize to produce a lot of home furnishing and sanitary items, still there are may left to categorize into specific nomenclature. Therefore, we put it in Miscellaneous Items for the convenience of our customers to choose from. However, we never shirk away from our responsibility to put hundred percent focus on the production of our Miscellaneous Items. The same parameter of quality and quantity are being followed with the mainstream products. It is also meant to go through various parameters of quality checks prior to dispatch to ensure that no compromise is done with its quality at any stage of production. We offer it at economical prices in the market.
Product Image (MW02)

Active Wipes (5pcs set)

Price: 110 INR/Pack

Active Wipes 5pcs. set

Product Image (MW03)

Wipe N Clean Kitchen Roll

Price: 94 INR/Piece

Kitchen Roll 80 wipe in one roll.

Product Image (US02)

Style Spray Bottle

Price: 62 INR/Piece

Style Spray Bottle 750 ML

Product Image (BB04)

Body Clean Loofah

Price: 28 INR/Piece

Body Clean Loofah- Bath Sponge

Product Image (TB01)

Tile Brush

Price: 44 INR/Piece

Tile Brush Heavy Duty

Product Image (MW01)

Active Wipes (3pcs. set)

Price: 79 INR/Piece

Active Wipe Sponge Cloth 18x20.5cm

Product Image (CN12)

Brushline Multipurpose Brush

Price: 48 INR/Piece

Multipurpose Brush

Product Image ( CN17)

Sweepy Dustpan

Price: 40 INR/Piece

Plastic Dust Pan

Product Image (SN01)

Sinklean plastic Brush

Price: 45 INR/Piece

Plastic Sink Brush With Bottle

Product Image (C0M2)

Clean O Max Fridge Jar and Flask Brush

Price: 55 INR/Piece

Clean-O-Max Fridge Jar and Bottle Brush.

Product Image (CN05)

Crockery Brush

Price: 45 INR/Piece

2 in 1 Plastic Brush and Scrapper

Product Image (BB01)

Bodyline Body Brush

Price: 115 INR/Piece

Double Action Plastic Body Brush.

Product Image (US01)

Unispray Spray Bottle

Price: 40 INR/Piece

"Unispray" Plastic Spray Bottle 500 ML

Product Image (C0M1)

Clean O Max Feeder Brush

Price: 50 INR/Piece

Clean-o-Max Feeder Brush.

Product Image (CN14)

Sweepy (Brush With Dustpan)

Price: 116 INR/Piece

Sweepy Plastic Pan with Brush.


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